Fits in. Stands out.

Your centrifuge is essential to your work.

So choose the family of Thermo Scientific general purpose centrifuges, designed around you
and your applications.

Fits in.
  • To your space – now spin 4L in a traditional 3L footprint with the NEW Thermo Scientific
    TX-1000 rotor
  • To your processes and protocols – complete application-focused packages available
  • To your future, with the flexibility to adapt to evolving research and clinical needs
Stands out.
  • Designed for solid reliability and consistent results
  • Featuring innovative Thermo Scientific technologies

Innovative Thermo Scientific Technologies

Outstanding ergonomics
and performance

Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors

4-liter capacity in a
3-liter footprint

TX-1000 swinging bucket rotor

Push-button rotor security
and application flexibility

Auto-Lock rotor exchange

One-handed certified1
sample protection

ClickSeal biocontainment lids

1 Certified by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK.

Auto-Lock Rotor Exchange

Secure, push-button rotor exchange in as little
as 3 seconds

  • Trouble-free rotor installation and removal
    • No tools are required
    • No complicated rotor changing procedures
  • Full chamber access for cleaning convenience
  • Quick switch between applications, and the flexibility to evolve with the changing needs of
    your laboratory
How does Auto-Lock rotor exchange facilitate rotor placement and
improve safety?

ClickSeal Biocontainment Lids

One-handed sample protection

  • Simple operation for all laboratory users, eliminating multi-turn screw caps and complicated high
    pressure clips
  • Glove-friendly, one-handed open/close capability, ergonomically designed for both right- or
    left-handed operation
  • Biocontainment certification by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK
How can I help improve safety in my laboratory when spinning pathogens or patient samples in swing-out rotors?

TX-1000 Swinging Bucket Rotor

4-liter capacity in a 3-liter footprint

  • Up to 40 x 50 mL conical tubes, 196 blood tubes or 24 microplates
  • High capacities process more tubes in less runs, saving time while reducing energy and wear
  • Slide Coat anti-friction finish
  • Dual-purpose large bucket design accepts adapters for tubes or microplates
    • Save time – no need to swap buckets
    • Save space – no additional buckets to store
    • Save money – no additional metal carriers to purchase

Fiberlite Carbon Fiber Rotors

Outstanding ergonomics and performance

  • Lightweight design
  • Corrosion- and fatigue-resistance secures the rotor’s structural integrity for outstanding durability
  • Backed by a 15-year limited warranty2
  • High-speed performance with high capacity:
    • 6 x 250 mL up to 18,533 x g
    • 6 x 100 mL at 24,652 x g
    • 8 x 50 mL up to 24,446 x g
2 Subject to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s standard limited warranty. See or your sales representative for details.

Meeting Both Research and Routine Needs

Research centrifuges offer:

  • High-performance drive
  • Advanced operating interface
  • Up to 17 optional rotors
  • Ideal for customers requiring application flexibility, high speed performance rotors for high throughput and extended range of applications

Routine centrifuges offer:

  • Mid-performance drive
  • Simplified operating interface
  • Up to 12 optional rotors
  • Ideal for clinical or repetitive basic research customers wanting solid reliability and
    high throughput

High Speed Performance with High Capacities

Swing-out rotors

up to 7,188 x g

Swing-out rotor capacities

up to 4 L

Fixed angle rotors

up to 25,830 x g

Fixed angle rotor capacities

up to 6 x 250 mL

Flexible Acceleration/Deceleration Profiles

Wide range of acceleration and deceleration profiles provide excellent separations for all sample types

  • Fast acceleration:
    • TX-400 rotor to 3,000 rpm in just 10 seconds and
      5,000 rpm in just 15 seconds3
    • For quicker spins for improved research throughput or faster diagnosis
  • Smooth decelerations:
    • Designed to ensure delicate pellets are not disturbed, maximizing viable cell yield
3 Based on internal testing

Maximized Volumes

Our continuously improving rotor designs have increased the capacity available
on the same size centrifuge, vastly
improving throughput

Minimized Energy Consumption

Our high capacity rotors with advanced aerodynamics not only save time, but greatly reduce the energy consumption per tube

Minimized Energy Consumption

BIOShield rotor

  • The entire rotor is encased in an aerodynamic biocontained shield, designed to reduce energy use and noise levels

Round buckets

  • Helps ensure outstanding performance, offering a great balance of performance
    and capacity

Diamond-cut bucket technology

  • The TX-1000 rotor is designed with 45 facets on the outside of each bucket to reduce the weight, improving the aerodynamics compared to previous generations

Slide Coat Anti-Friction Finish

  • Available on Thermo Scientific TX-1000, TX-750 and TX-400 rotors
  • Eliminates the need for lubrication, helping to ensure smooth runs with minimal vibration and reduce maintenance steps
  • Corrosion-resistant properties promote longer rotor life and enhanced safety

Outstanding Centrifugation Insulation

High levels of insulation around the chamber and the lid provide optimal thermal and audio insulation, which help to reduce energy usage and noise in refrigerated models

Ease of Use

Auto-Lock rotor exchange allows for:

  • Trouble-free rotor installation and removal
  • Full chamber access for cleaning convenience
  • Quick switch between applications

ClickSeal biocontainment lids offer glove-friendly, one-handed open/close capability, designed for both right- or left-handed operation

Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors are easy to exchange with their lightweight design

Floor Model Centrifuges

Low working height of 79 cm (31 in) provides outstanding ergonomics when removing tubes and exchanging rotors

Fully portable with secure lockable castors—ideal for moving around the lab and easy cleaning, helping to prevent contamination

Conserves valuable bench space, and has a footprint 24% smaller than the footprint of refrigerated benchtop models

Brightly Lit Displays and Push-Button Controls

Large, bright displays feature advanced LCD technology and extra large characters for easy programming and viewing from across the lab

Research centrifuges
feature an enhanced interface designed for maximum protocol versatility, complementing the numerous rotor
configurations available

Routine centrifuges
feature easy-to-use controls with detailed information on a wide range of operating parameters and
processing status

Displays and Controls At-a-Glance

  Research Centrifuges Routine Centrifuges
  Advanced display and controls, ideal for research or controlled environments, where accuracy and performance are important Intuitive display and control, ideal for routine and repetitive environments
Panel Glove- and detergent-friendly Glove- and detergent-friendly
Display Size Large 50 cm2 Large 50 cm2
Display Technology Bright advanced LCD Bright advanced LCD
Display Unit Set and Current Set
Programs (Direct Button Access) 5 6
Programs (Additional) 94
Acceleration/Deceleration 9/10 9/10
Speed Setting Numeric keypad Scrolling arrow keys
Speed Accuracy 1rpm or 1 x g 100 rpm or 100 x g
Time Accuracy hrs/min or min/sec hrs/min
Time Setting Countdown from start or countdown from set speed Countdown from start
Time Range < 99h, 59min + continuous < 9h, 59min + continuous
Temperature Setting Sample temperature or chamber air Chamber air
Password Protection For program protection and lid openings
RCF Calculation Maximum radius or user-defined by rMax input Maximum radius
Languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Russian English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Russian

Rotor Innovations

Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors and super light
aluminum rotors

Slide Coat anti-friction finish

Maximized capacity

Application flexibility

  • Wide range of rotors and adapters, combined with Auto-Lock rotor exchange in as little as 3 seconds, serves a number of applications including clinical, life science, and multi-disciplinary
  • Flexible MicroClick 30 x 2 microliter rotor offers 30 place capacity for 1.5/2.0 mL microtube and nucleic acid spin columns

Extensive Thermo Scientific Rotor Portfolio

Max Capacity 4 x 6 Standard
4 x 2 Deep-Well
Max Speed 4,700 rpm
Max RFC 4,816 x g
Maximum speed and RCF based on top performance models